Dream symbol Comet


celestial body, tail star, meteor, solar system, galaxy, sign of god, groundbreaking idea

Comets are celestial bodies born from the remains during the formation of the solar system. They consist of ice, rock and dust. Since they are to be seen characteristically with a tail, they are called also SWIFT STARS.

In earlier times, the appearance of a comet was understood as a sign from God that foretold great change. Nowadays, a comet is seen much more as a special celestial phenomenon and not as a divine forewarning.

General dream interpretation

At that time, in traditional dream interpretation, the symbol of the comet was interpreted as a great sign of misfortune. But nowadays this dream image can be interpreted in both directions.

The sight of a comet in a dream may further symbolize the non-fulfillment of certain hopes in the waking world, as well as surprising news. If a comet races towards the earth in a dream, it can also symbolize the solution to an existing problem, which will suddenly enter the dreamer's consciousness. If the sleeper reads in his dream about the discovery of a comet in the newspaper, a large-scale upheaval is in store for him. However, this will not only affect him alone, but also his complete environment.

Positive dream symbol

Interpreted positively, the comet in the dream can be interpreted as an idea or idea . This inventiveness augurs great success in real life. Whether this concerns the private or professional aspect, one can read off from the appearing additional dream details, which accompany the dream. However, the implementation of this idea can be coupled with drastic changes. The foundations of one's own beliefs may be questioned, and on closer examination it might even be wise to discard them.

Negative dream symbol

A dream about a comet indicates changes which could have holistic and profound influence. The dreamer will notice that it is not in his power to fight against them in life, that he is forced to give up his control. It is also advisable to submit to them instead of creating resistance.

Psychological dream interpretation

Examined under psychological aspects, the dream image "comet" announces extraordinary events. These indicate great successes for the dreamer in question; efforts and hardships along the way have paid off. He receives due recognition for it.

Looking up to a comet, according to the psychological interpretation, illustrates the result of events that are not in the hands of the person concerned. Even if he activates all his reserves of strength, it will do nothing to bring about the fateful and predetermined product. Viewing a comet in a dream also augurs a steep career climb in some respects.

If a comet appears in the dream night sky, it indicates that a more profound transformation is underway in the subconscious. The person concerned cannot avoid facing it and confronting it in everyday life. Even if he is afraid of facing a new beginning, because everything is too big for him, now seems to be the right time.

Spiritual dream interpretation

For spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol "comet" reflects difficulties that await the sleeper. Generally, the comet in a dream can also be a warning signal of an unpredictable threat.


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