Dream symbol Bat


bloodsucker, vampire, undead, flapper, nocturnal, keen sense of hearing, cave dweller, mammals

The name is derived from the term "fluttering mouse". 900 different species of bats are said to exist worldwide. Bats and also flying foxes are among the quite large bats. Thus, bats can not at all be counted among the mice, which belong to the rodent genus.

Bats are flying mammals that are the only ones of this genus that can fly. They are found almost everywhere in the world, except in areas where there are deep sub-zero temperatures. They love caves, forests and especially the cozy attics, which serve well as camouflage and hiding places.

In stories, living and legends, the bat is associated with the creatures of darkness, such as VAMPIRES. The story, still famous in modern times, of the frightening Count DRACULA, who buzzed around at night as a vampire, looking for human blood, sucking from the jugular veins. This was based on an equally famous novel (1897) and also has a real character in the background from Romania called Vlad Dracula. He was a tyrannical prince who impaled his enemies alive on a stake.

Truly, bats always make a sudden appearance in horror movies in a very dark, quiet place with some queasy music and can scare you right away. Although most of the time they just flee from the light that doesn't suit them so well.

This is why the bat is associated with vampires and feared as a relative of man, this comes from the fact that they both fear the light and both can show appropriately pointed canines to hunt down or suck out the prey. What does a bat hanging upside down in a dream mean? What is frightening to you about the sight of them?

Characteristics of bats in dreams

A big bat flutters around

In the interpretation of this dream symbol, the size of the flapping animal has a not unimportant meaning. If the person dreams of a large bat, he is probably struggling with many obstacles at the moment. Grief seems to overtake him, and yet the resolution is virtually at the doorstep.

If you run into a Batman in your sleep, who is strong-willed and smart, it is a good anchorage and indecision is far away.

Albino Bats

White stands in the traditional symbolization as a concept of purity, clarity and innocence. At the same time, it implies a certain degree of vulnerability. Very rarely only a white fluttering bat occurs in nature and symbolizes a LOSS for the dreamer, which stings him quite in the heart. Whether it applies to the professional or private environment, the other situations or symbols in the dream show. Being prepared would certainly not be a disadvantage! Advice.

Dreams of dark bats

The body color of flying foxes and bats are mostly black and when they become hunters at night, they can camouflage themselves perfectly and seem to be almost invisible. A dark bat suggests more insecurity on your part than you are willing to give yourself credit for. You know about your abilities, but you are still at the very beginning and have by no means exhausted your capacity. Much lies as treasure still undiscovered in the inner chest.

A blue bat

In the symbolism of dream interpretation, the color BLUE indicates worry and sorrow, and the interpretation of the bat supports this meaning many times over. A phase of mourning already seems to be prefigured by this. Nevertheless, one should not be completely upset or completely out of balance for fear of dramatic experiences. Support and protection is always there through a positive attitude towards life, which includes trust and the knowledge that every situation in life encourages further development. In the social environment there will always be people with whose help everything can be overcome well.

How the bat appears in a dream

To see a bat

If someone observes a bat in his dreams, he can already prepare himself for sorrowful phases. Unconsciously, the dreamer in question has seen portents of upcoming problems for quite some time. This bat dream stands as a sign to see the life a little more loosely and to face with more ease. A flighty person, for whom it is difficult to make a clear decision, when discovering a bat in a dream, is advised that any failures will cause great suffering.

Talking with a bat

Somewhat unusual seems a dream in which one is talking to a bat. Some people concerned have already told such cases. For an accurate dream interpretation, the dreamer should try to remember what the conversation was about. The conversation heard in the dream may bring out clarity enough on its own. However, if the content of the conversation should not be remembered, the dream symbol stands for an inner discord. An attempt is made in sleep to find new solutions to this.

A flying bat

If one meets a flying bat in the dream, this can be interpreted in different ways. It depends on the other events in the dream with which this dream image appears. If there are no other important events in the dream, the fluttering bat stands for failure in a special matter. However, if they have seen the small bloodsucker integrated in a picture with a cave, other animals and a full moon, this symbolizes an enormous urge for freedom for the dreamer.

If the wings of the bat are specifically in the foreground in the dream, it indicates that something new is currently underway in the mind of the sleeper. A new creative project and ideas. Perhaps the dreamer has not yet discovered his creative potential and abilities. In any case, this dream wants to indicate that talents placed under the Schemmel want to be promoted!

As a feast a bat

The idea alone is quite tasty, a bat for a holiday feast. After waking up a real joy dance feeling...probably not. This dream symbol, when you eat a live animal with skin and hair, indicates the lapse of his passions. It is basically not reprehensible, unless you let your emotions flood you internally and react uncontrollably with emotional outbursts of any kind.

Nightmares: attacks by bats

A vampire bat

If one is bitten in the neck by the bloodsucker in the dream as by a vampire, this should represent a warning in any case. Risky plans should be postponed to another time. Likewise, one should be scrutinizingly cautious of strangers and not immediately place full trust in them. It also indicates that something serious is gnawing at the nerves of the person concerned, or anger if the concocted plan does not turn out smoothly.

If the bat sucks the blood of another person on the dream level, this image symbolizes a massively strong life energy of the sleeping person. The goal before eyes with self-confidence stoked one goes well thought out his plans.

Bat as a pet in a dream

To keep a bat as an animal in the house would probably be a little out of touch with reality or is probably not the first choice when it comes to a pet. However, in dreams this case can also appear. So, if one owns a bat keeping in the house, this symbol predicts private problems. The feeling of security and being protected in one's home seems to be uncertain or threatened.

Fluttering birds and bats

The animal species like birds and bats and all other flying animals symbolize the longing for independence, freedom furthermore also for fancy ideas and creativity. To see a bat and a bird together in a dream means increased potential of creative power. It could well be that they are planning a total change of life. Do you want to travel and quit your job for a while? Or emigrate to another country to start a fundamentally new life?

Dead Batman

If you kill a bat in your dream, it stands for salvation from all problems. Until now it was a constant struggle and suppression of feelings. By killing a bat, it shows that the person concerned is dealing with his character and their flightiness and strengthens his personality. A killed animal indicates that a fundamental change is about to take place.

General dream interpretation

This nocturnal flying animal is usually associated with negative connotations in general dream interpretation. The sight of it in the dream world augurs problems and sorrow. The dreamer in question could meet with a heavy fate that affects him personally or his close environment. In any case, this dream calls for critical reflection on the current waking life. What makes the dreamer dissatisfied and what would he like to change?

An uncertain venture or fickleness can therefore also be signaled. Furthermore, this dream indicates a warning not to take advantage of other people.

Seeing a blood-sucking bat in your dream means that your life is moving very much towards the positive. The blood serves as a symbol of vitality, a strong elixir of life that helps the subject in the successful realization of goals.

Positive dream symbol

If there are a lot of bats hanging upside down or fluttering through the dream, it is seen as very positive. It predicts this sign professional success. Also, if thoughts and worries about debts are present, everything is green. If the dreamer catches a bat in a dream, it means a cure of an illness or in any case an improvement of the current situation.

Negative dream symbol

If a fluttering man attacks the dreamer in his sleep, this dream image testifies to bad gossip from others and negative thoughts. Perhaps there is a person in your close environment who speaks badly of you.

A white bat has a special status in dreams. If it appears, a misfortune could be imminent, by this could be meant that someone in the vicinity will pass away, but this does not necessarily have to happen. It can also mean another kind of deprivation, such as separation from a relationship partner or close friend.

Psychological dream interpretation

People have always been afraid of bats. On a psychological level, for this very reason, the bat represents fear rising from the subconscious.

A bat in a dream is associated with a disturbance of the dreamer's mental balance . Various fears from the real world, can cause this, which cannot be controlled. If the bat in the dream flies through a gloomy forest, this confirms even more the interpretation that there is something in the dark that the dreamer is afraid of.

For psychological dream analysis, the dream image of the bat also stands for libidinal emotions.

The image of the bat suggests to achieve inner harmony through more self-knowledge . Or it serves as an invitation not to close one's eyes to what is obviously in front of one and also to follow one's inner orientation instinct.

Spiritual dream interpretation

The spiritual analysis about the bat is used as an allegory for insecurity and spiritual obscurity. Spiritual vision is clouded.


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