Dream symbol Abyss


Infinity, depth, all-encompassing vastness, losing the ground under your feet.

General dream interpretation

These are the questions that dream interpretation deals with: What limits does one set for oneself in a dream? What fears shaped by the mind lie dormant within us? What lies deep within me?

In dream interpretation, the precipice is a sign that the dreamer may be in a difficult situation. Caution, pause, and reflection are called for in order to discern what action is appropriate now. In a dream, an abyss indicates a danger or warning signal. To dream of an abyss stands for the fact that the dreamer recognizes in himself the "bottomless pit" or in the depth the emptiness.

A chasm is associated with depth, slope or ravine with a very steep gradient. The dreamer facing a chasm may glimpse not only a seemingly infinite depth, but also, contrary to it, an all-encompassing vastness. He may be frightened at first by the danger that could be threatened by the imaginary fall, and yet it could open the horizon for a further view or wide angle.

The expression "to hate someone ABUNDANTLY" is about an extreme in language usage, where so-called 'abysses' open up when one catches a glimpse of a person's true character.

An abyss can also stand for a situation that seems hopeless, i.e. the person is almost ruined and looking into the abyss can bring a drastic change in the future path of life. Some others, on the other hand, seek purposeful confrontation with the abyss in order to test and overcome their own limits.

For example, in bungee jumping, one plunges courageously into the depths, only to be braked by a bungee cord just before hitting the bottom: In this situation, the abyss serves as a thrill to conquer fears.

If the dream symbol is a bridge that leads across the abyss, a solution has been found to overcome the difficulties.

A particularly steep precipice in the dream announces a major problem in the outer real world. The dream could serve as an invitation to deal intensively with this associated problem and to find a solution for it. If the abyss can be overcome in the dream, it can be assumed that the solution to the problem is also imminent in the waking world.

Perhaps one is on the wrong path and threatens to exceed one's own inner limits . Sometimes, however, overcoming an obstacle can be the very solution.

The dream symbol "abyss" is synonymous with the unknown par excellence, which must be faced.

Positive dream symbol

If it is positive feelings that are felt, the dream represents being able to overcome difficult obstacles.

In the interpretation, the dream symbol "abyss" should always be considered in the context of the entire dream event. The dream is to be evaluated positively if the abyss is overcome as an obstacle by flying over it or jumping over it. Horizons are expanded and thus boundaries are overcome.

In dream interpretation, it may well be a signpost to rise aboveoneself and try out alternatives.

In dream interpretation, a path that ends at the abyss would mean a warning and urge the dreamer to turn back . Viewed differently, it is a positive indication that one should be open to trying new paths.

Negative dream symbol

In any case, at the first moment it is a queasy feeling to look into the abyss in a dream.

Despair and helplessness considered to a certain event in life could be reflected in the dream, when the dreamer stands dizzy, paralyzed with fear on the edge of the abyss and he is lost at a loss.

Refusal to accept facts that can cause mental distress indicates the dreamer turning away to the abyss. Stopping at the edge of the abyss in a dream warns of problems into which the dreamer may fall.

Behind the dream image of "falling at the precipice", where the dreamer falls into the abyss, may possibly hide some kind of loss that affects different areas of life. Also, seeing someone else fall. For some it might not be so dramatic in the case of the mother-in-law ;)

Further, it may indicate that the person concerned is plagued by insecurities and self-doubt.

The psychological dream interpretation

From the psychological point of view, this dream symbol is interpreted as a loss of identity or control .

Fear of the dreamer to lose the ground under his feet and also fear to fail in difficult situations. The dream indicates critical life situations where important decisions are required.

One looks into "one's own abysses." Looking or even descending into the depths of an abyss corresponds to plunging into one's subconscious. One should be ready to look at personal weaknesses and accept them, so that the recognition of the cause and the solution of current problems can proceed more smoothly.

Looking into the abyss can be both positive and negative, depending on the feelings felt in the dream.


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