The Virgo Woman

Virgo women tend to have a very moralistic attitude towards life, which sometimes makes them seem rather prudish. They are not afraid to stubbornly go their own way– whichever way they believe is right. Virgo women do not place a high premium on sex, and will not suffer from abstention. Even though they seem unapproachable sometimes, Virgo women long for tenderness and comfort. Nonetheless, her sexual inhibitions will sometimes cool off a relationship before it is able to get very hot. Virgo women take their time choosing a partner. Despite sometimes appearing cold and self-assured, the Virgo woman is in fact quite sensitive and afraid of giving her heart to the wrong person. So, she’ll test the qualities of her partner before agrees to commit to him, and it is not unheard of for her to change her mind and run at the last minute.  

Virgo-born are generally not very emotional, but they can be very heartfelt. They make devoted mothers. It is important to them that their family be well provided for, and their money is never wasted carelessly. They are very orderly and clean – at home, everything has to shine. Their children are brought up to look their best and always be well behaved in public. Life is not always easy for the partner of a Virgo woman because they are always told to keep order.

This sense of order is also apparent in the Virgo attitude towards work. Virgos are always punctual and reliable. Their work is characterized by reason and functionality. The Virgo woman is appreciated by her superiors as a reliable and discreet employee, who can keep company secrets. As long as the pay is good, she will stay true to a company. As a boss, the Virgo woman will keep  the company finances in impeccable order, and she will know where every cent of company money is going. Security is very important to Virgos, and everything they plan and do is geared towards it.