The Virgo Man

The men of this sign often seem to be unfeeling. But this is true only in a few cases. Virgo men are able to have strong feelings, but these feelings are controlled by their keen minds. There’s also the critical influence of Mercury in the back of their minds, reminding them that no house can be built on feelings. Virgo men always play it safe—especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. They are not playboys who excel at seduction, nor are they easily seduced.  They will carefully analyze a relationship before agreeing to any type of commitment. This hesitation is less about sex and more about how the joint household will be run in the future. The Virgo man is not a fierce lover, who easily says “I love you”. He will often examine the character of his partner until he finds something that keeps him from entering into a deep relationship.

The Virgo man’s attitude towards money is completely pragmatic. They are very careful with their funds, but not thrifty. If a friend is in need, they will help, even if it means losing their savings. Virgos have a phenomenal memory. They never forget a birthday or an important phone number. Thanks to their sense of detail and precision, Virgo men are usually successful in their careers – especially in matter-of-fact areas such as accounting or administration, where they are right at home. Jobs that involve precision, such as mechanic or watchmaker, also suit them. Virgos’ distinct perfectionism makes them a perfect fit in every workplace where a sense of order and keen attention to detail are valued. Virgo men usually do not seek out leadership positions since they doubt if they can achieve as much acting as a boss as they can as an employee. Once they have reached the upper echelons of their enterprises, they will always give their best. Virgo bosses stress punctuality, order, and cleanliness.