The Virgo Child

Virgo children are very amiable and pleasant creatures, who hardly worry their parents. They are well-behaved, help out at home, clear the table and wash the dishes. Little Virgos are down-to-earth people. Even as a child, a Virgo is extraordinarily reasonable and open to hearing reasonable arguments. However, they are also fairly reserved and won’t wear their hearts on their sleeve. This means that the Virgo child will need extra attention because their withdrawn nature will not easily reveal its needs and wants. Virgo children will also hold back their expressions of emotion.

The most striking about the Virgo child is their strong will. Once they have set their minds on something, they cannot be drawn away from it. However, they can’t always explain why exactly they want something or not. Astonishingly, Virgo children are sometimes extremely keen to do intense work. They are methodical and precise in all their endeavors. Even in play, the Virgo child is careful and cautious. They will not dash off halfway through a game, but rather think about every step. Like every child, they like to climb trees and play outside, but little Virgos are more likely to play it safe and stay on the lowest branch.

Virgo children need order and enjoy a set daily routine. They love hearing a goodnight story before falling asleep at night—but the surprising thing is that a Virgo child would be happiest if it was always the same story. These rituals give them a feeling of strength and security. Virgo children are not very convinced of their own skills; therefore, they should be praised often in order to build up their self-esteem. Compliments will not make them cocky, but will strengthen their conviction in their own abilities.

In school, they rarely have any difficulty. Virgo children are dutiful and will do their homework well and with great diligence. As they have a strong subordinate mentality, Virgo children are often devoted to their teachers - which is not always well-received by their classmates.