The Virgo Colleague or Boss

Virgos are very often described as cold, the most insensitive sign of the zodiac. They are said to be reasonable people, who leave nothing to chance and always act according to their reason. Before they make decisions, Virgos will analyze everything carefully and select their course with stone cold precision. This does not make the Virgo appear warm-hearted—but of course, Virgos have feelings too, even though they’re good at hiding them. To their colleagues, they are always helpful and reliable, but at the same time, Virgos are likely to keep their distance.

It is not always easy for a Virgo to make friends as there is something reserved, unapproachable about them. This distance, along with a certain frugality, means that they might not enter the tight circles of colleagues – Virgos will seldom meet their coworkers for after-work drinks. But this is just how they are! It’s extremely pleasant for a manager to have a Virgo on their team. They are considered determined workaholics, who do their jobs thoroughly – even if it means they have to work additional hours. This diligence benefits them particularly in jobs where precision is important, for example, in accounting or in a laboratory.

Virgos typically don’t like to be the center of attention, but rather prefer the second row. This is why they are not natural managers or CEOs. They don’t have the typical leadership personality – and, considering their frugality – they don’t make very generous bosses. These traits mean that the Virgo boss is not particularly popular. Their keen sense of order can also be a point of contention since they set high standards not only for themselves, but also for their employees. In evaluating, employee performance, they can be quite critical and are not shy about demanding changes until the end-results meet their expectations exactly.