The Taurus Woman

Venus endows the Taurus woman will all the attributes of femininity. The goddess of love and beauty gives her favorites everything men long for, and Taurus women are talented across the whole range of the female arts of seduction. Despite her skill at attracting partners, the Taurus woman will closely examine the qualities of her chosen man before she finally decides if he is the one for her. She does not like dull men. Despite the fact that she prefers to have the greatest say in family matters, she needs a seasoned man at her side. Her partner’s little weaknesses are not a problem for her at all.

Even when she’s head over heels in love, consumed by passionate feelings, the Taurus woman will never forget about financial security. She wants to think of her future as secure, and know that she has both a nest egg and a rainy-day fund. She is a fairly tolerant partner and exciting to live with. She will always attempt to treat her family with lots of subtle pleasures – especially in the culinary field. Still, her partner should be sure to pull his weight; she will expect for the treats to come from both sides.

Taurean women need harmonious surroundings. Arguments disturb their balance, both physically and emotionally. Although she usually gets along quite well, when she is sick or under stress, she sometimes picks fights as a means to an end. Grief, discontent, and fear of grave decisions can cause serious medical conditions. Taurus women tackle problems with sense and strategy. Whatever job they take on, they will demonstrate complete commitment to the task, although they are seldom completely satisfied with themselves. They tend to be intensely self-critical. Their motto: “I know that I know nothing.”


Taurean women are popular among their colleagues because they are helpful and can keep a secret. Many of their friends will be made at work. Even though they have everything it takes in terms of skills and sensibility, they seldom make it to the executive floor for lack of a certain pushiness.