The Taurus Man

Like his female counterpart, the Taurus man is endowed with the benefits of good looks and sex appeal. Blessed with the favor of Venus, he is a friend of the fine arts and all sensual pleasures. Nonetheless, he is practical; he thinks slowly, but he is very thorough. It takes quite a bit to annoy him to the point of losing his temper, but if you do, expect him to bellow like a bull. Basically, Taurus men are good fellows with soft hearts, who would never harm anyone. As subjects of Venus, they were born to enjoy the pleasant sides of life, and they long for the indulgent parts of their daily routines, plan everything to guarantee these rituals. With the goal of their ultimate pleasure in mind, they can indeed become hard workers. Taurus cannot be swayed from their opinions easily. Most of the time, once they have made up their minds – and this happens quite early – they will cling to their position ‘til the end of their lives.

The Taurus man does not make friends very quickly, but once he takes a shine to someone, he makes a solid and reliable friend. However, he expects to be given with the same thoughtfulness, and he’s very touchy about this quid pro quo. Regardless, it will not often end in a quarrel, as the Taurus man prefers to withdraw and sulk. Taurean men also play with love. They will think about it for a long time until they decide on a partner. They seek a sense of belonging and long for a family. This means that they are not just looking for a lover, but also for a mother for their children. Once they think they have found the right person, they will work at gaining their love. The Taurean man will follow the partner of their choice until they receive an answer. In his pursuit of a partner, he can be very generous: flowers, expensive presents, and glamorous events are in the cards. 

Pursuant to his character, a Taurus man will do well in a job where persistence is needed. As adaptation is not his strong point, he does not make a particularly good employee; instead flourishing with a sense of authority, as a business owner or boss. On the other hand, security is very important to him, and therefore he will seldom risk a career move without thoughtful consideration and a sense of assuredness about the outcome.