The Taurus Child

Taurus children are obstinate. Even as a baby, the little Taurus is likely to spit out everything that is not to their taste. What they do not want, they do not want, and no sweet words can change that fact. Nor are sharpness or punishment the answers—they only serve to reinforce the Taurus obstinacy. The Taurus child is not really immutably stubborn, but they do have distinct personal opinions and want things their way no matter what. The Taurus child needs a lot of love, comfort, and attention. Only in a harmonious and loving environment can it fully unfold. Security is an important factor for the healthy development of the Taurus child because they are a bit inflexible and tend to cling to routines, objects, and people. In return, they are patient and persistent – slowly but surely becoming little people. The little Taurus should always be prepared for changes and unusual situations because their daily routines play such an important role for their inner peace and sense of continuity. They thrive under the care of balanced parents who do not lose their patience even when they act out.

Principally, the Taurean child is very agreeable and makes a good playmate for its siblings. There is hardly a child that is more helpful, more companionable, or friendlier than a little Taurus. Therefore, they will always be popular and have lots of friends. Whether boy or girl, the Taurus child can be expected to enthusiastically pitch in around the house. However, hedonism is a characteristically Taurean trait. The Taurus child has an uncontrollable sweet tooth. They are likely to invest a part of any allowance in sweets, but also to put the rest in their piggy bank for a rainy day. At school, the Taurus child sometimes appears lazy. This is not really an accurate assessment, however, because while other children can unreflectingly parrot what they’ve learned, the little Taurus is rethinking everything critically. Once they have understood a concept, they will remember it forever.