The Taurus Colleague or Boss

Those born under Taurus prefer not to take risks. They take pleasure from having a solid job and financial security. Taureans will pursue this goal with great perseverance and are happy to take their time in this pursuit, not rushing anything. Taureans should seek out positions that do not demand great speaking skills or tough persuasiveness, as they don’t tend to excel in either of these arenas. In the workplace, Taureans are better suited for jobs in which their perseverance and diligence will serve as their greatest assets.

Once a Taurus has climbed up the career ladder, they are considered a quite popular boss. This is because they are relatively good-natured and generous – for example, while they expect their coworkers to perform well, they would never expect better than what they could do themselves. When mistakes are made, the Taurus boss doesn’t see it as the end of the world; unless the employee in question was lazy or negligent, the Taurus boss will be willing to turn a blind eye to it if something goes wrong once or twice. Of course, employees should not take this apparent good-heartedness for granted. Taurus individuals have an abundance of patience, but once it is gone, the offenders should be prepared for some trouble since Taurus-born can then become fighting beasts; in work life, this means that a disrespectful employee can lose their job as quickly as a bull takes a matador with his horns.

As a peer, however, the Taurus is more likely to be the opposite of a bull in an arena: people who are born under the sign of the zodiac of Taurus are mostly affable, never unfair, and never act uncooperatively. As they are creatures of habit, their colleagues often become some of their closest friends, to whom Taureans are both faithful and loyal.