The Scorpio Woman

With her sex appeal, the Scorpio woman drives her admirers crazy. No other sign awakens such desire in their onlookers. But don’t think that she’ll be easy to possess. When a Scorpio woman attracts a man, she wants everything he has. She is no passive Eve. With the male powers of Mars and Pluto on her side, there is something sensually aggressive about her love, often even possessive. She has absolutely no problem taking the lead to get what she wants—such as a shy man, for example. She is not usually interested in platonic relationships, but rather looks for fulfilled, passionate sensual pleasure. Though Scorpios are looking for and capable of deep, sincere love, she’s happy to play the field until she finds a partner who knows how to please her, both in the bedroom and out. She places high demands on her lovers: she wants not only passion and eroticism, but also intelligence and spirited debates. When she finds someone who gives her everything she wants, she doesn’t need a wedding to establish that she will never let them go.

At work, the Scorpio woman is very diligent and very dutiful, but she hates to be dependent on others. She feels most comfortable when she is reliant only on herself. She pursues her goals passionately and ambitiously. She could be successful as an artist, a doctor or a counselor. She is also a great boss, who always has a friendly ear for her employees. However, she will expect her employees to show the same ambition at work as she has. There, she gives no quarter. She is just, but when she gets enraged, she can easily forget her love of justice.