The Scorpio Man

A true Scorpio man goes his own way and doesn’t give two figs what others think of him. He has his own laws, and he is convinced that he is always right. He has the best of intentions, but he misses the fact that, with so much willfulness, he is bound to make mistakes. Still, at each moment in his life, he will have the vigor to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. This makes him both mysterious and attractive. In love, he is a master of sensual passion. He will live through all the ups and downs of love until he finds the one person he wants to possess completely. For him, every experience in this field is a part of the human road to self-discovery. His chosen partner will have to be a tender, adaptable person who bows to him completely. He will be a zealous lover, but if she casts an eye on someone else, she’ll experience his limitless wrath—his jealousy is unparalleled.

To his children, he will be a strict but just father with high demands. He will protect them in all situations, and love them even when they disappoint him. His natural desire to get to the bottom of all secrets makes him a born researcher, but he will also do well in other professions. The Scorpio man works without talking much, and he hardly takes breaks. He’ll pursue his target persistently until he reaches his goal. Many Scorpio men work themselves quickly from the bottom to the top. His natural place is at the center of power. When it comes to his competitors, the Scorpio has no scruples. He would sell his own grandmother to stay on top. Still, when he notices that someone is stronger, he tends to be humble. This is a side-effect of his dedication to the truth. As a boss, he gets every last bit of effort from his employees, but he will always treat them fairly and pay them accordingly.