The Scorpio Child

Even as a baby, this child is a real bundle of energy and will develop into a strong and diligent personality. While growing up, they already show the typical Scorpio attributes. First of all, the Scorpio child is defined by their curiosity and their enquiring mind. Relentlessly, they want to find out every secret, get to the bottom of every mystery. Parents of a little Scorpio should lock up dangerous items such as knives, sharp scissors, and especially cleaning agents. Do not be surprised if your little Scorpio often comes home with scratches and bumps. Scorpio children are compelled to sort out conflicts between themselves and their peers, and the force of their conviction means that these disagreements sometimes turn physical. The little Scorpio doesn’t like weakness– not its own, nor that of others. To balance them out, the Scorpio child should be raised to respect those weaker than them, and must learn to consider other people’s different circumstances.

The Scorpio child needs a consistent education. They are docile, but they also need a strong hand to control their willfulness. Often a dark look is enough to make them see reason. But first of all, parents of a Scorpio should provide a foundation of trust because this is the best basis for their child’s healthy development. Scorpios’ parents should never forget that their child’s moods can change rapidly from euphoria to depression. Without support and a good role model, they can have difficulties in life.

Even if the little savage seems to have a hard shell, inside, they’re a sensitive plant. Therefore, they not only need a strong hand to guide them, but also a lot of tender care and cuddles. At school, little Scorpios show a lot of ambition. Because of their quick minds, they make eager students who are fond of learning. If they have problems at school, it won’t be because of bad grades, but their sometimes wild and frequently undisciplined behavior.