The Scorpio Colleague or Boss

The Scorpio is a sensitive little being: vulnerable, but also in possession of a dangerous weapon. When the Scorpio is attacked or offended, they will pull out their poisonous sting – sometimes even months or years later. Scorpios are among the most vengeful signs of the zodiac. If you mess with one of them, you’ll be looking over your shoulder for ages to come.

Despite this, Scorpios are rather modest and inconspicuous people who pursue wisdom all their life. In their jobs, they are thoughtful, but also decisive and consistent. They possess an astonishing diligence, which – when paired with a certain thirst for power – can take them to the highest echelons of their professional world, even if it takes quite some time. Once at the top of the ladder, Scorpios are considered to be quite just superiors who always have a friendly ear for the worries and problems of their employees. Their curiosity about and participation in the lives of their employees can even become so extreme that you could actually call it unreasonable: Scorpio bosses can be quite indiscreet, and can hardly resist the temptation of spying on their employees.

When it comes to their own business, however, they’re much more tight-lipped. They know how to keep a secret ‘til the very last when it comes to changes in the company or the human resources policy. As they are very diligent and disciplined, they also expect this from their employees, and they have no sympathy for freeloaders. Among their colleagues, Scorpios are quite popular, and they are often presented as role models. Thanks to their helpful and sociable kindness, and their good sense of fairness, they contribute loads towards a positive work environment. Their only problems arise when they blunder because of their sometimes not-so-charming ways.