The Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is a jovial, humorous person, whose good mood is contagious to everyone around her. She is friendly and passionate. Her sparkling charisma wins her many admirers. She has a natural elegance—she looks fantastic in whatever she throws on. She’s talented in many ways and feels attracted to everything beautiful on earth, especially the arts—and that includes the art of love. While all of these characteristics combine to make her eminently lovable, her flaw is simple: she talks too much. When it comes to first impressions, she can be a bit harsh, simply because she finds it so difficult to hold back. If she finds fault with somebody, she will tell them quite clearly – it has to come out, even if it stings. This is because of her openness and addiction to honesty, which often land her in difficult situations. Despite all this, she is always welcome in society, and always has a circle of friends around her, although these friends may change frequently.

Similarly, she’s not afraid to change partners when she becomes aware that her current one is not quite right for her. She’ll tell him the reasons for the separation fair and square. Her commitment to finding her true love keeps her on the look-out until she’s satisfied. This can sometimes leave the Sagittarius woman with the feeling that she’s rushing from one partner to the next, chasing after her Prince Charming.

Deep down in her heart, she is seeking a home that will be a safe-haven in her restless life. Still, when her partner offers her a life together, she seems to find disturbing flaws in her loved one. The confines and boundaries of marriage are obstacles for female Sagittarians because of their distinct desire for freedom. Many Sagittarius women are bachelorettes by choice.

The Sagittarius woman can stand on her own two feet and assert herself well in her job. Her superiors appreciate her courageous approach to problems, but because of her versatility and proclivity for independence, she’s likely to be self-employed or work in a flexible environment.