The Sagittarius Man

Sagittarians are very popular, and they often have a big circle of acquaintances and many friends. Women admire the charming Sagittarius man, so he has a wide selection of partners to choose from. He enjoys the occasional fling or affair, but it takes him a long time to finally settle down with a partner because he is so afraid of making the wrong choice. Once the bloom of love has faded, he’s likely to make a smooth retreat. The Sagittarius man wants to discover woman again and again, without ever committing himself for the long-term. It is this same curiosity and thirst for adventure that compels him to travel to distant lands.  

Although the Sagittarius has the qualities necessary to be a good husband and family man, his desire for independence is stronger most of the time. He expects his partner to understand his distinct desire for freedom. He’ll often need to escape the bonds of marriage and the routine of his everyday life in favor of a trip with his friends or a new adventure.

When it comes to work, the Sagittarius does not make a good underling. He is anti-authoritarian and doesn’t have a drop of subordinate mentality. This is why he’s always looking for a job in which he has the independence he needs. Sagittarians are fond of traveling, so a job in tourism would suit him well. At the office, he enjoys sociable gatherings with his colleagues. He’s always friendly, helpful and attentive, but he also has a very quick temper, and often reacts too quickly and too harshly to his colleagues' mistakes, which is not always received well. Still, when he notices his mistake, the Sagittarius is shocked and anxious to make up for it. He perceives dishonesty as hideous, which is why he is always honest with himself. Many Sagittarians work their way up to leadership positions. When they are in executive roles, they remain true to their principles, and they are always fair to their subordinates.