The Sagittarius Child

If your child is born under the sign of Sagittarius, you're in luck. Your little Sagittarius is the family sunshine, destined to make life friendlier, brighter and more social. As parents, you should do everything to preserve your offspring's love of life. First of all, the Sagittarius child thrives best in an intact family. Forget about a strict and authoritarian education. The little Sagittarius needs a companionable relationship with their mom and dad. Try to ignore the little mistakes your child makes in their playful high spirits. Little Sagittarius makes it easy for parents to treat them as a partner because they will honestly and openly admit both their little and even bigger mistakes. They are not one for lies or deceit, but they expect openness from their parents in return. Trustworthy and trusting, strive not to disappoint your Sagittarius child's faith in you.

When it comes to the lessons your child needs, Sagittarian children should absolutely learn how to deal with money. Your strictness as a parent will help your child more than hinder them in this regard. Nonetheless, the Sagittarius child needs freedom and independence. Every restriction, whether physical or psychological, interferes with their well-being and can even make them ill. It is especially important that they get a lot of physical exercise. Ideally, they'll have access to a garden behind the house with a forest and meadows. As Sagittarius children live in close harmony with nature, they long for a four-legged playmate with whom they can run and play. If possible, try to fulfill this wish.

Finally, your little Sagittarius loves to be on the road. They'll show excitement for traveling before they're even potty-trained. You have a little cosmopolitan that loves variety. Although Sagittarius children are not very ambitious, they delight in learning and they like to go to school. Theoretical knowledge does not satisfy them; they are looking for understanding and wisdom.