The Sagittarius Colleague or Boss

People born under Sagittarius love the extraordinary. Usually, they are perfectionists who are constantly looking for improvements. To achieve this aim, no job is too demanding, and no device is too unorthodox. They place similar demands on their careers; their daily work should be interesting and present them with an intellectual challenge. The cerebral Sagittarius show their talent in different ways; their intelligence ranges from genius to madness.

Even if she can sometimes act chaotically, the Sagittarius is still able to accomplish great things. She approaches her tasks analytically, with almost scientific precision, and looks at her environment in this way. This can sometimes lead to calamity: she says what she thinks, and does so with unconditional honesty. Of course, this does not make her popular everywhere. Her dedication to truth and justice can rub some people the wrong way – colleagues and superiors, in particular – precisely because there is so much truth in what she says. Not everyone can take so much openness, and only her cheerful humor saves the Sagittarius from experiencing more conflict.

With a healthy dose of self-confidence, Sagittarians usually make good bosses with a lot of ideas for improvement. But they’re not always able to implement them long-term. Their indecision and fickleness often get in their way. This means that they end up revising a project for so long that in the end, there’s nothing left of it. As a boss, the Sagittarius is charming and is always honest with their criticism. Though this might get annoying, they can both dish it out and take it in turn, so they are not annoyed when they’re criticized. Rather, this fits their sense of justice and their anti-authoritarian leadership style, which leads them to see their employees more as friends than as subordinates.