The Pisces Woman

There are hardly any other women who are as sensitive to their environments as a Pisces woman. The Pisces woman knows that she is the most sentimental of all the signs, but she will do her best to hide this fact so that no thoughtless person has a chance to hurt her feelings. This is one reason why she can be found seeking out casual relationships that never go below the surface—it allows her to control how much she reveals to her partner, and to protect her sensitive soul. Secretly, of course, she hopes that one of these days she'll meet Prince Charming—a partner with whom she can let her guard down without getting hurt. The Pisces woman needs a lot of love, and they will be happiest with a tender partner who is gentle with her sensitive soul. She is often disappointed in love, but after a good cry, she’s able to let her sorrow evaporate. 

The Pisces woman is a seducer par excellence: a great lover, with sophisticated taste when it comes to sensual pleasures. She has a repertoire of tricks to make her admirers weak in the knees. For some, the Pisces woman is simply an eternal riddle. She is a great mystery, with an affinity for the mystical and medial. This sometimes earns her the reputation of a gypsy or witch. 

Pisces women are ambitious, but the hard struggle for survival is not in them. Even though the Pisces woman is able to convince those around her with her actions—and not just her tears, she has other priorities than work that simply take her attention away from the day to day. For this reason, her hard work will be rather superficial because she has other things on her mind. She’s unlikely to ever be the subject of gossip or scandal because she always swims elegantly through all gossip, scandals, and drama. Apart from social occupations, female Pisces are best suited for artistic professions. Female Pisces who become bosses of their companies are very social with their colleagues. They never forget a birthday card or to flash an encouraging smile. Unfortunately, these sensitive creatures rarely choose to put themselves forward for management positions in the rough world of work.