The Pisces Man

Romantic Pisces men have big ideas about love, and they are constantly looking for it. Once they have determined their ideal situation, they need only find the courage to settle on it—which often fails them. They are gallant lovers, but they will beat a quick retreat if they feel they are being tied down. So the butterfly, which is thought to have been caught already, flutters away and leaves a deeply disappointed child. Regardless of reality, the Pisces man steadfastly believes that he will find a partner for life. He is and remains a born dreamer.

The Pisces man is not interested in titles, and his relation to money is also rather casual. Admittedly, he’s always dreaming about winning the lottery, and what he would do if he did, but he doesn’t mind if he doesn’t win big, or even if he’s not making a lot from his job. He’s content with what he has, so long as he can dream about what could be. This strange relationship to money leads some Pisces men to gamble—they are willing to lose their last cent for the chance of a big win—many stockbrokers and fortune hunters are Pisces.

At work, the Pisces man will fulfill his duty, even when others recoil from difficult tasks. He is a worker who never breaks the rules. His colleagues may consider him withdrawn because he doesn’t ramble on about everything that happens to him: he can keep a business secret to himself. He is ideally suited for a leadership position in which he doesn’t sit at the head of a high table, but rather collaborates with his employees and contributes directly to the company’s success. However, when it comes to the moment when power is given out in shares, the Pisces manager is unlikely to be at the front of the line. The Pisces’ career success will mostly hinge on whether or not he is in the right area: Pisces excel in jobs that are dedicated to care or community service. They are also suited for work in the catering or food and beverages industries, with their social nature, although they need to be vigilant and keep their reliance on alcohol under control.