The Pisces Child

A Pisces baby is about as cute as they come. Even in the delivery ward, they are shown around and admired. Onlookers are delighted by their fragility and softness. Off course, this fragile child wants to be mothered and pampered. It needs tenderness because it is very emotional. It is highly sensitive to changes in its environment, immediately noticing family members’ moods, and often absorbing and reflecting them. Try to always be gentle and calm around a little Pisces, because aggressive behavior hampers their development and can have negative physical effects as well. 

The Pisces child develops best in an atmosphere of openness, in which feelings are not suppressed, but lived out to the fullest. They need to feel respected and loved; if these conditions are in place, the child will develop empathy, helpfulness, and consideration quite early. They also need an environment in which they can develop their characteristically wild imaginations. Their vivid imaginings will bring out their amazing creativity. Then, their parents’ task is to direct these talents towards appropriate outlets, to foster them, and to stabilize the child, in a casual, playful way. The Pisces child should not get the impression that results are expected immediately, as this will make them feel rushed and insecure. This sentimental being does not react well to strict instructions or orders. They will either go silent or burst into tears. However, their crying should not always be taken too seriously because the Pisces child can also be very calculating. They are not above feigning total misery in order to get their way.  

At school, the little Pisces will usually do fairly well. However, their grades are highly dependent on their affinity for the subject, and are likely to span the range from high to low. Since they usually learn rather intuitively, they often have difficulty in subjects where logical thinking is required, such as math and physics. Keep an eye on your Pisces child after school—they are likely to forget all about their homework when they get caught up in their musings.