The Pisces Boss or Colleague

Pisces have a very intense emotional life, and Pisces women, in particular, have a tendency to romanticize daily life. This leads them to frequent daydreaming and sometimes makes them seem not of this world. Then again, people born under Pisces have quite a down-to-earth sense for numbers. This makes them ideal for economic professions, such as tax advisor, or for technical professions, including architect, physicist, or mathematician. The only difficulty is their sometimes-chaotic manner and their usually unorthodox approach to solving problems. 

Pisces also have a high level of creativity, and are therefore well-suited for creative jobs, ranging from art to media to the advertising industry. Last but not least, their sensitivity and their personable demeanor make the Pisces naturals in professions which require a gentle touch, such as doctor or nurse, or in the service and catering industries. Pisces do not like to be in the foreground, but are rather modest people. This can be a disadvantage in terms of their climb up the career ladder. Pisces-born are seldom in executive positions, nor do they strive to gain them. If a Pisces-born does land a leadership position, it is probably the result of their finesse with numbers. 

As a boss, a Pisces is very creative and imaginative, but can generally not implement their ideas on their own. They need colleagues who can strategize and get things done. Other than this, Pisces are most often very popular superiors because they are not particularly picky, and, thanks to their sensitivity, they take their colleagues’ worries seriously. Pisces-born are seldom hard negotiators—regardless of whether they’re the boss or the employee. This also applies to salary negotiations; maybe it is this restraint that makes Pisces so popular around the workplace. They are always helpful and very discreet. If they have one bad attribute, it is their vulnerability. If a colleague makes an insensitive remark, Pisces-born are unlikely to shrug it off, and it may take them awhile to get over the sting.