The Libra Woman

Like her cosmic sister, Taurus, the Libra woman desires everything on Earth that is good and beautiful. She wants to enjoy sensual and spiritual pleasures to the fullest. The Libra woman has charisma and esprit. Her grace manifests itself even when she attempts to conceal her beauty. The Libra woman is not born to be a recluse. Without a partner or admirer, even for a short time, she withers like an unkempt flower. As soon as her interest is piqued again, her outward appearance transforms, and no sooner has she found a new flirt than she’ll make herself beautiful and charming again. She dreams of a hero who fulfills her every wish and offers her a life of luxury. Since she craves not only love, but also security, she will most certainly marry. As her partner, the Libra woman will choose someone who has already made a name for themselves, whether as an academic or in business. Sometimes, however, things go the other way, and the Libra woman’s soft heart overcomes her desire for material things. If her heart wills it, she’ll also give her love to someone who cannot provide for her. 

Still, she is an incurable optimist, and knows how to make the best of everything, so even without money, she’ll do well. The Libra woman can make a cozy home of even a modest cottage. Her love is constant, and she will enjoy a long-term marriage. Despite the fun she has flirting, she is completely faithful and expects the same of her partner. The Libra woman’s willingness to help is almost over the top. She has a cure for every ailment. Because she is always trying to establish peace around her, she’ll sometimes step in as a referee in quarrels best-avoided. The Libra woman is very intelligent and will find her way in any job. She is likely to be successful in anything she puts her mind to. Nevertheless, her constant indecision and her tendency to be late are big obstacles on her way up. Libra women are not often found in leadership positions.