The Libra Man

Libra men, ruled by Venus, are charming and empathetic, friendly and attentive. They are very sociable, and they can also utter the most impertinent things in the softest voice imaginable. The problem with Libra men is that they want to have peace all the time, but they still somehow manage to rub people the wrong way when they bring up the truth at the worst possible moment. Libra men generally do well romantically, and many potential partners will be spellbound by their humor and their eloquence. They are great charmers, who never miss an opportunity to flirt, and they enjoy being surrounded by female acquaintances. 

A Libra man will weigh the pros and cons of any partner for a long time before he decides to commit to anyone long-term. But, if he believes that he has found the right partner, he will make it official immediately, so that no one else can take them away. Although Libra men are not averse to flirting – even when they’re attached – they tend to demand absolute fidelity from their partners. Deep in his hearts, he is jealous of everyone who comes near his beloved. Virgo men are possessive and demanding: their partners, therefore, have to be there for them and must put the Virgo first. He is orderly, yet he cannot keep order himself. When the Virgo man has guests, he becomes a charming entertainer, but he’ll leave the work of hosting to someone else. 

His distinct sense of justice, as well as his rhetorical skills, predestine the Libra man for jobs in the legal field. The weighing of pro and cons that is inherent to the Libra will benefit him as a judge. Many Libra men work in economics. This is because of their talent for organization and coordination. On the other hand, the Libra man is less well-suited to being a boss. His hesitant behavior and inability to make quick decisions make him a rare choice for leadership positions.