The Libra Child

Parents of a Libra child can take a deep breath of relief. Even as a baby, the Libra child is adorable, sweet and well-behaved. They don’t scream when there’s something they don’t like. Growing up, the Libra youth seldom rages or sulks because they primarily want to be loved, and will do anything to this end. And anyway, tantrums are rarely necessary; they just smile irresistibly and get everything they want. The Libra child can keep itself busy for hours. They are very creative, and are able to come up with new games time after time. As they are also musically inclined, parents of Libra children should support them and let them come into contact with music, art, and theater. They are not dependent on playmates, nor are Libra children likely to be loners. On the contrary, they’re very sociable people, and because they are so friendly and accommodating, they enjoy a lot of friendships. Unfortunately, the Libra child runs the risk of being taken advantage of because their generosity has no limits. This trait should not be criticized, but parents should try to contain it a bit, or they might end up giving away their last birthday present.

Despite being nice and friendly, this little sunshine can also really annoy their parents. This happens when the child is asked for a decision. Because a Libra never wants to make up their mind, nor can they, often. First, they need to weigh all of the possibilities carefully. Parents are well-advised not to force their little Libras to do anything, but rather to try to give them a fixed timeframe for any decision. It’s also a good idea not to give the Libra child more than one choice, if possible. Since Libras can never decide what to do next, they have to be urged to a lot of things, and this includes their homework. Apart from this, their time at school will be pretty painless. Libra children are not very ambitious, but they avoid quarrels with their strong need for harmony. They are often popular with their teachers, and are considered virtuous students.