The Libra Colleague or Boss

Those born under Libra are considered to be extremely indecisive. They can hardly manage to make up their minds; before making a decision, they need to weigh the pros and cons, and check and compare all the facts. Even then, they decide more or less hesitantly. It’s obvious that this behavior is not suited to a meteoric career trajectory. In leadership roles in particular, where far-reaching decisions often have to be made on a deadline, Libras are often completely overwhelmed, as they are masters of procrastination. In addition, Libras have a distinct need for harmony and find it difficult to make unpopular decisions. Considering these facts, it is not very surprising that few Libras can be found in executive roles. In truth, this is rarely their aim, as they do not do well in strictly-defined positions. This applies as well to their handling of money: sometimes they are unbelievably generous, and then they’re just as stingy. Even in financial matters, they can’t be tied down. If there is one attribute that benefits them as a superior, it is their composure. This allows them to keep their cool, taken alone, it’s not quite enough to qualify them for the role of boss. 

People born under Libra tend to be very popular as colleagues. This is because they are outgoing, which helps them make friends quickly, even in new workplaces. Additionally, their need for harmony makes them very sociable, and they make valuable contributions to having a good work environment. Only two things keep them from being the perfect colleague: when they are tired or hungry, they can become very unpleasant, and flirting is a favorite hobby, which doesn’t always make them popular.