The Leo Woman

The Leo woman is a lady from head to toe: she doesn’t walk, she strides. She loves luxury, scenes, and making an entrance. Leo women do not receive a visit, they hold court. They carefully listen to what others say, form their opinions, and hold on to them tightly, no matter what their counterpart says against it. Her condescending friendliness drives some people up the wall, but what can you do when a lioness approaches you?

The female Leo requires a certain degree of care. Her beauty comes from within and shines outwards. She has sex appeal, but she’s no sex bomb; she’s beautiful, but not a pin-up girl. Often, Leo women are clever, but sometimes they’ll hold tight to an unjustifiable opinion, especially when discussing something outside of their comfort zone. But—make the mistake of pointing this out, and you’ll feel the sting of her claws. If her pride is wounded, she’ll prove a formidable opponent.

Leo women don’t make it easy for their partners. They’re looking for excitement and drama. They want to be at the front of their partners' minds and are always convinced that they are the love of his life. If it turns out that he isn’t up to her standards, she’ll drop him, even if it breaks her heart. She places a high value on traditional masculinity, and, while she is a powerful force, wants to feel an equivalent strength in her choice of partner.

Choosing a career is very difficult for a Leo woman. She doesn’t want to start at the bottom of the ladder, and she’s definitely not going to stay there. She’ll do anything to secure her place in the sun. If she can’t make it to the top, she’ll change jobs or even careers to get to where she wants to be. After all, her success is guaranteed. Leo women tend to have massively successful careers. They’re well-suited to being the boss. With experience, they develop a tight management style, managing the right balance between fair and strict.