The Leo Man

The Leo man isn’t all that different from the king of the jungle: His Majesty has a personality that has to be shown admiration. There’s almost always something royal to the countenance of a Leo, even if he’s no longer at the top of his game. Leos need to make themselves felt at all costs. At the office, they like to be the center of attention, and if they find themselves displaced, they’ll quickly take the floor to get it back, sometimes with a loud distraction. This sometimes makes them appear cocky or pretentious, which they’re not really—they just can’t stand to be in the shadows. Give him the right amount of attention though, and Leos can dazzle you with their charisma and ability to behave in high society. Women who need a lot of love are often attracted to his grand demeanor, and there will often be a queue of women lining up to meet the royal heartbreaker. 

To win the heart of a Leo, seduce him with candlelight and romantic music. If you want the partnership to last long term, beware of directly opposing the Leo’s point of view. Confrontation can make a Leo forget his innate chivalry, and bring out the force of his opinion against his opponent. These possessive men tend not to put their partners on a completely even playing field. With the inherent belief that "the world revolves around me", Leo men will put their own needs first, and are not particularly drawn to commitment or family life.

Leo men love to be self-employed. They can hardly stand to be subordinate to anyone. Therefore, they’re drawn to jobs in which they can be their own bosses. Even though Leos are not quite the most intelligent of all signs of the zodiac, they often get further than the other signs. They are both dutiful and possess the key skill of knowing how to gracefully draw attention to themselves. This gains them the respect of the world’s most powerful. In this way, they’re likely to have powerful allies until they finally establish themselves in an executive position. Leo men find much fulfillment in their work.