The Leo Child

There it is, the lovely Leo-baby and it is already the center of the whole family. It will be spoiled. If it does not get enough affection and attention, it will start to roar that the walls tremble. Already, the little Leo has a strong self-esteem. “I am I” is his motto. This child of the sun is radiant by birth, charismatic and very egotistic. It has an above average measure of energy, vigor and willpower. Its parents cannot be envied, because they have the problem that will be hard to solve. Most of all, they should realize that the little Leo needs to be challenged so he can accomplish exceptional performances. They should support every talent that is in their child. A Leo should never be suppressed or be forced to anything. Because this confident determined person always wants to occupy the center stage, radiate and be admired.

It does not need an audience to put its skills in perspective. Its siblings often have to pay for this - and they usually do what it says. Also with other children and playmates the little Leo is not squeamish. Here, the parents should interfere and try to restrain its craving for power. Leos also have to learn that other children also want to get attention. If Leo children are treated as full-fledged dialog partners, they can be very understanding. Like the lion in the wild, the Leo child is very brave, it is a leading nature from the beginning. It needs tasks in which it has the say. Or in which it occupies the center stage, like theater or team sports, where it can play a leading role. When everything is about the little Leo, it will be happy. Also in school it will shine. It is ambitious and has almost always the best grades, because it knows, as a preference student, it is appreciated and envied.