The Leo Colleague or Boss

Like the king of the jungle, it should come as no surprise that Leos are natural leaders. Leos love to be the center of attention, and they know how to draw attention to themselves. Typical Leo careers include actor, singer, and lawyer—in short, any job where they have an audience. Overwhelmingly, Leos are born alpha leaders in group scenarios, and they will seize the opportunity to lead whenever possible. Still, they’re usually quite popular among their colleagues, since their self-esteem always has a positive effect on their environment. They radiate boundless optimism, and give their colleagues the feeling that anything is possible with initiative and creativity. Leos are an asset at work events, where they’re able to cheer up the dreariest occasions with their charisma and laughter.

A Leo’s strength lies in their steadfast ego, which is also their only weakness: they’re so good at everything that they’re hardly able to take criticism and sometimes react dramatically to reproach. But as long as this behavior doesn’t get in the way, Leo’s make the perfect candidates on the career ladder. If there is a born boss of all the signs of the zodiac, then it is definitely Leo. There is no doubt that Leos are born to lead. Leos know how to delegate work and how to lead huge numbers of employees. Leo leaders are typically very generous, and as long as they are content with their employees, will pay high wages, unlikely to scrimp on opulent work parties. Unfortunately, they’re also sometimes generous when it comes to their interpretation of the law, sometimes thinking that it applies only to others. Their leadership style can be quite commanding, but they are usually never unfair. They do not tolerate dissent, but those who comply with their rules, and maybe even make themselves useful, can be sure of their enduring goodwill.