The Gemini Woman

The secret weapon of the Gemini woman is her masterful ability to flirt. She is an expert in all aspects of flirtation, and she blossoms under the gaze of her onlookers. She needs ample opportunity to cash in on all of this attention and must have the feeling that she has tested her partner’s full potential before she decides to commit. After all, all this flirting is intended to find her the man of her dreams. Although she’ll be very aware of what the market offers, it is hard for her to make a final decision.

Her distinct intellect makes her very picky when it comes to choosing a partner. Even when she thinks she’s found him, she’ll still have doubts now and then. Nonetheless, one thing is certain: the Gemini woman will be an equal partner. Anyone who tries to limit her freedom will not succeed. Even if she sounds like a challenge, the Gemini woman is well worth the effort. The one she finally chooses will get not only one woman, but a whole harem: one woman for love, one for arguments, one perfect companion, one who is gloomy and one who loves to laugh, one who is a brilliant hostess, and so on, and so forth. As a mother, she won’t try very hard, but she will be there for her children when it really matters.

Gemini women prefer jobs in which they can maintain their independence. Thanks to her creativity, eloquence, and creativity, she can be successful as a writer, a journalist, or a teacher. She is ambitious and always has an eye out for a higher position, easily beating her colleagues for a promotion. She’s also a good friend, however, who is helpful and fills in for her colleagues when needed.