The Gemini Man

The Gemini way of thinking determines the Gemini man’s way of life, even though this often results in conflict in his emotional life. But as his character is ruled by the clever Mercury, he is able to deal well with his emotional duality. Gemini men are charming talkers, and they know quite a bit about women and love. The ladies lionize him, and some will fall passionately in love with him, but none will really hold him. He is just too equivocal and iridescent. One day he’ll shout his love from the rooftop, and the next he has a critical word for his lover’s every move. If he’s dumped, he won’t pine after anyone for long, but will rather start looking for a new partner quite soon. This is because he is afraid to be alone. The Gemini man will enter into new relationships again and again. He is likely to have at least three solid relationships in his life, maybe even three marriages. The ideal partner for this multifaceted and sometimes fickle sign has to be tolerant – they must at least make him feel that he is free to do what he wants. He does not make a very strict father; rather he will teach his children what he thinks is useful for them.

Some Gemini men have two jobs at the same time, or at least an interesting side gig. Thanks to his gift for languages, he will easily find work as a translator or interpreter. In general, for the Gemini man, his job is just the way he earns his money. In terms of his vocation, he is likely to be happy in the music industry, whether as a musician, composer, or in a music publishing house. Even though he is not very hardworking or reliable, he will not stay low on the ladder for long. His quickness of mind will see him quickly rise up the ranks. As a boss, he is the master of making quick decisions, which he can also disregard just as fast. This behavior has damaged some companies run by Geminis. But, thanks to his wit, the Gemini man will usually find a way out of such sensitive situations.