The Gemini Child

Gemini are said to be the airiest and most flexible minds of the zodiac. They’re also sociable and interested in everything. One can only congratulate the parents of a Gemini child: they have a very interesting and versatile individual on their hands. Even as a child, the little Gemini will try to get to the bottom of things. Persistent questions like “why?” and “how?”, can easily get annoying, but parents should be patient and try to answer all such questions conscientiously, else their child will simply get their answers somewhere else. The little Gemini child will not be content with fairytale explanations. They have fertile imaginations, which can sometimes get them the reputation of a liar, but the little Gemini child does not lie on purpose; rather, they believe whatever it is they say. Let them tell their fantastic stories! If you are concerned, suggest that they acknowledge their stories as such, but most important is that they have the opportunity to talk and charm.

Gemini children have quick perception and are remarkably intelligent. They have hardly any problems at school, and they learn well, but they like to forget about their homework. They also tend to be late as their sense of time is not highly developed. Whether boy or girl, Gemini children are little savages. The highest trees are not high enough for them, which is why they often come home with scratched knees and ripped clothing. Strangely, they do not cry like other children when they hurt themselves, but are more likely to laugh over their clumsiness. In no case should a Gemini child be coerced or harshly punished. They will learn more if presented with good arguments for why they should behave properly. Be careful not to overload your little Gemini with instructions because before you’ve even turned your back, they’ll do something else. Your best bet is to parent your Gemini with love, sympathy, and kindness. Your strictness will make them stubborn.