The Gemini Colleague or Boss

Gemini are the fullest of spirits of all the signs of the zodiac. You meet them in busy places. Boredom is their biggest enemy, and fun is their best friend. They are not only funny, they’re also outgoing and eloquent, which is why so many of them end up working as interpreters or presenters.

Thanks to their talent for communication, Geminis make the perfect boss. They have great leadership skills and are usually quite popular. Two reasons for this are their casual manners and their tendency to form almost companionable relationships with their employees. With their creative minds, they are never lacking in ideas, and will sometimes have so many that they lose track. This makes it important for Gemini bosses to have colleagues and employees who will direct their focus to the right channels.

Unfortunately, Geminis often have two faces. They can be very moody, and you never know exactly where you stand with them. Sometimes the Gemini boss will turn a blind eye to an employee’s mistake in a very generous way. Yet another time, there are serious consequences for exactly the same indiscretion. This makes it difficult to know what to expect and to gauge how a Gemini boss will react. As colleagues, Gemini are often popular. They like to present themselves as young and dynamic, and often give the impression of being restless. They always try to improve the status quo with their creativity, making them favorites of their superiors. Among colleagues, their humor is appreciated, especially at work events, where they are often the life of the party. Despite all this happiness, Gemini are also fair and companionable colleagues who detest disingenuousness.