The Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman always keeps her cool. When there’s something she wants, she won’t take her eyes off of it. She works persistently towards every goal. Therefore, for the level-headed and ambitious Capricorn woman, it’s not easy to let go in the bedroom. It is her nature to be careful and moralizing, even with a passionate lover. Although she seems to be reluctant and finds it hard to express her feelings, she needs a lot of love. Once she thinks she’s found the right partner, her reluctance will be left behind, and she turns on the charm to show her chosen partner just how charming and exciting she can be. Still, the words “I love you” will rarely cross her lips.

Capricorn women are unlikely to marry a man who hasn’t proven his ability to support himself. She places a lot of value in security and prosperity. She will always keep her home in order because she hates chaos and mess. In marriage, fidelity and reliability are important to her, but she’s willing to risk a little bit of adventure in order to have some fun. Whoever she chooses, she wants to have all for herself—she will never forgive adultery, as she is jealous and carefully guards her pride. She does not take anything too lightly. Saturn in her sign brings an element of seriousness to everything he touches. She wants to be respected, appreciated, and taken seriously, and so she doesn’t take well to mockery or irony.

The Capricorn woman is very career-oriented. She may choose to sacrifice family life for her career. At work, she is not the fastest, but what she starts she will always thoroughly finish. Her conscientiousness, ambition, and perseverance will always get her to her goal. She is an ideal boss, who not only appreciates the work of her colleagues, but also sets an example for everyone around her.