The Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is the opposite of a passionate lover. He is rather reluctant and wary of erotic adventures. When he meets an attractive woman, he often senses a trap. This often makes it difficult for Capricorn men to find a partner for life, even if they would otherwise have good chances. Prospective partners like the seemingly shy Capricorn, who starts working towards his goals from a young age. But, when it comes to love, he’s more calculating than a Casanova. He is looking for a loving partner for life: someone who will share his sorrows, be a good listener when he talks about his work, and who will keep his things in order. Even when he is happy, he’ll keep a close eye on them, since even in the best relationship, he’ll never be rid of his mistrust. He places a high value on solid domestic relations.

The Capricorn man has no time for grand gestures or big feelings. He is too busy climbing the career ladder in order to build a strong foundation for the financial and material wellbeing of his family. In fact, he has the potential to be successful in any job because he keeps a cool head in the most difficult situations and has a good sense of what is reasonable. Passion and enthusiasm cannot be expected of him often, but his reliability and willingness to get the job done make him an ideal partner and family man.

Even though his perpetual skepticism is annoying his colleagues, he is not unpopular. Capricorn men move up the career ranks easily. They are driven to lead, organize and, most of all, have influence. People are inclined to trust those who lead impeccable private lives, and this is to his great benefit. As a superior, he keeps a cool distance from his employees. At the office, he has high standards. He expects total commitment from his colleagues—in this, he will not bend, but he is not immune to requests for help from his favorites.