The Capricorn Child

Somehow, Capricorn children always appear to be older than their years, and more adult than other children of their age. They come out of the cradle with reason, ambition, conscientiousness, and a sense of responsibility. Even in infancy, the development of these predispositions is clear in a Capricorn. These children are always good and obedient. There are no arguments about tidying their rooms, Capricorn offspring will keep things neat and orderly all on their own. Their only demand is that their parents spend many hours showering them with affection—cuddles are especially valuable to the Capricorn youngster. Another quality that will appear quite early is their strong will, typical of Capricorn. These children are not very good at giving way to others’ ideas, which sometimes causes difficulties with their friends and schoolmates. Therefore, they’re often comfortable on their own from a young age, and may prefer to play by themselves or go for a walk with their parents. With their inclination to talk to the grown-ups rather than sit at the kids’ table, Capricorn children are sometimes considered precocious. More than any other child, the Capricorn needs safety and strict rules. It’s important for the little Capricorn to have a daily routine that shouldn’t vary too much.

At school, Capricorn children are unlikely to have any problems. They’re much too ambitious and performance-oriented to be delinquents. Capricorn children are unlikely to fail to do their homework: their sense of responsibility and their ambition mean that they are always diligent and disciplined. They would never play or go for a walk if they haven’t done everything they were supposed to. This means that they have the potential to be homebodies, and should be encouraged to go out and socialize, or they might isolate themselves. Little Capricorns are not the fastest thinkers. They need a certain amount of time to come to a decision or make a plan. But once the plan is in place, they’ll do everything carefully and to the letter. Nothing is left undo. They live according to the motto, first think, then act.