The Capricorn Boss or Colleague

People born under Capricorn know what they want to do with their lives and how they want to get there. Success and a steady bank balance play an essential role in how they shape their lives. Most of the time, they’d prefer to stay in the background, but they know exactly how to reach their goals. Capricorns are not daredevils when it comes to their careers: their performance is always adequate, and might even appear a bit cautious. Once they reach a higher position, they are born planners and organizers, who don’t need to be the face of their business, but will definitely be its driving force.

In a leadership position, they’re even more diligent: Capricorn bosses are real workaholics who don’t know the meaning of quitting time. They expect their employees to share their all virtues, especially when it comes to diligence and conscientiousness, and Capricorn superiors have absolutely no understanding for idleness. Of course, there are also some perks to a Capricorn boss: even if they’re strict, they are always fair. They tend not to have hot tempers– you’ll have to act especially clumsy to receive a sharp word from a Capricorn. Their reluctant manner often leads to the assumption that they don’t care very much about their colleagues—but this is totally off the mark: despite their formality, they care very intensely about the people who journey with them on the road to fortune and success.

Capricorns tend to be rather suspicious, and do not make friends easily. When they start working at a new company, they’ll observe exactly how things work, and wait until know what’s going on before getting any closer to their new colleagues. Even then, they’re most likely to choose just one person as a confidante, while remaining rather unapproachable to the others. Capricorns make very loyal colleagues, who would never deceive their friends, and once you’re close, they’ll always be on your side during difficult times.