The Cancer Woman

Nowhere on the great green Earth is there a more sensible woman than she who is born in the sign of Cancer. Outwardly, she may appear to be a poor soul, but, inside, she knows what she really wants – in her job as well as in her marriage. She knows how to assert herself, and if need be, she’ll do so with tears or with trickery in order to get her own way. She is unlikely to state her wishes openly; rather, she expects others to guess them. Should you criticize or even tease her, you risk hurting her deeply, and you may have to recant if you ever want to make peace again.

The Cancer woman prefers a gentleman to a passionate lover, who is likely to make her more insecure than impressed. She needs an empathetic and understanding man by her side, who will not interfere with her confused inner life. Even if she’s disappointed by her partner, she cherishes family to such an extent that she is loath to divorce. For this reason, a Cancer woman is likely to stay married to her husband for all her life.

The most important thing for a Cancer woman’s happiness is having a harmonious home. Once she has settled on a partner, she becomes the perfect housewife. The Cancer woman knows quite a lot about good cooking and economic housekeeping. She will constantly work at making her home a pleasant place to live. In this, her sense of tradition is apparent. Objects with a special significance, whether it’s an embroidered doily from her great grandmother or her grandfather’s wingchair, will always have special places in her home. She is the embodiment of a good mother. She has a huge capacity for love, and she takes huge pleasure in doting on her loved ones.

The Cancer woman likes to work and finds fulfillment through her work. She is dutiful and applies herself with total commitment, but she also wants her performance to be appreciated. Any bosses who fail to appreciate her enough will have to endure her sulky resignation, and will still be worse off without her.