The Cancer Man

As he is influenced by the nature of the Moon, male Cancers are liable to mood swings. Sometimes, they are good-natured and attentive, still others they are fickle and withdrawn, and this sometimes appears to change from one moment to the next. The Cancer man’s sharp sense of empathy makes him seem softer and more feminine, given that this sense is typically more developed in women. The male art of showing off is totally alien to him because he is more focused on the emotional side of things. If a Cancer man puts up a front of being tough and unforgiving, rest assured that it is only a shield, with which he is hoping to protect his heart from being trampled on. He dreams of having the ideal partner at his side, but his standards are outrageously high, meaning that he is often disappointed.

Still, this doesn't prevent him from looking for the woman of his dreams in his current partner. Like his moods, his girlfriends will change often. A harsh word, or a misunderstood gesture, and suddenly what was supposed to be love has evaporated overnight. It would never enter his mind that his ex might also be disappointed. Once the Cancer man is finally married, he will always be a faithful and hands-on husband and father, who loves his children and spoils them. In his view, everyone in his family should be well taken care of, and because he is good with money, he is able to come through on this promise. After all, Cancers place a lot of importance on security. Even though they can be sentimental, they are skillful tacticians when it comes to managing finances, and this can mean gains in love and money for the whole family.

Every boss should be happy to have a Cancer man as their employee because there is hardly anyone who is ready to plod along as persistently as they are. Even overtime is no problem for the Cancer man – as long as the price is right. If he is making enough to put something aside every month, he’s not that worried about having a career, and will often stay with the same company until he retires. Because he is so focused on security, he is unlikely to become self-employed, unless he’s already ensured that he has enough money in the bank to make the change work.