The Cancer Child

The little Cancer has a big need for affection. Its delicate soul is best nurtured in a harmonious family environment, in which it gets lots of affection and attention. In this way, the Cancer child can strengthen their self-esteem and find their inner balance. The Cancer child always needs the empathy of their environment. Sometimes they may call for their mother even though they don’t need anything—they just want to be sure that she is there. Cancer children openly display their intense emotional lives– regardless of whether they are crying or laughing. Little Cancers are easily hurt, and they start to build up defenses early on in life. With a tendency towards emotional eating, sometimes Cancer children will gain weight as a side effect of non-nurturing environments. They find angry outbursts or negative tension in their environment to be very threatening, and can even become seriously ill as a result of such conflicts. Cancer children are difficult to deceive as they sense falsehoods at once. Save yourself the trouble of explaining your dishonesty, and just tell your little Cancer the truth from the beginning.

The Cancer child is a bit of a chicken. They fear a lot of things that other children simply take as a given. Due to their strong imaginations, they are the first to see a ghost in a dark room or to think the neighbor’s dachshund is a monster. Parents of Cancer children should never make fun of their children’s’ fears by emphasizing the harmlessness of the frightening thing in question.

Because Cancer children are also very attached to their families, they will take huge pleasure in playing with their mother, father, and siblings. Nonetheless, they are also somewhat reserved, and can keep themselves busy and play happily for hours at a time. They love cooking, experimenting with chemistry sets, as well as sewing. At school, the little Cancer will learn well and do their homework diligently, since they inherently understand the saying,  “business before pleasure”.