The Cancer Colleague or Boss

Cancer-born are said to be the most sensitive of all the signs of the zodiac. They are rather vulnerable and sometimes suffer from severe mood swings. Furthermore, Cancers are very resentful, and they do not forgive quickly once they have been offended. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that these sensitive souls often react in a somewhat sulky manner, and tend to look for mistakes in others.

As Cancers long for concealment, they want others to have their privacy as well. This is also apparent at work, where Cancer-born are considered to be very cooperative and team-oriented, and usually, have good relationships with their colleagues. These relationships can be so close that a Cancer’s colleagues are often also their best friends. They spend time together outside of office hours, whether it’s a beer after work, a weekend trip, or dinner at home.

When it comes to climbing the career ladder, Cancers are seldom a serious rival to other signs, because they have no real ambition to get to the top. Should a Cancer find themselves in a leading position, they are likely to be quite popular. This is down to the fact that they’re simply so social and cooperative, and they’re always willing to lend their colleagues a friendly ear, regardless what type of difficulty they’re experiencing. The Cancer’s business sense is also an asset to any company. They’re good at managing money and profits, and thus it’s not difficult for them to hold good, steady jobs.

The Cancer relationship to money means that they are typically thrifty people, who tend to have long pockets and short arms as an employer. Their mood swings can be very uncomfortable for their coworkers since often they just don’t know what they’ve done to annoy their Cancer colleague. If a colleague says something to insult them, a Cancer colleague can be resentful for some months, which does not make for the most comfortable work environment.