The Aries woman

The woman of this sign of the zodiac has ideals and dreams which she defends against all reason. And no one should dare to destroy this. Then the tame lambkin becomes an aggressive ram. She dreams of her prince who captures her heart. But the decision is not so easy. The Aries woman is picky - and it takes her long to chose. She is convinced that she is one of the greatest unique pieces in this world. She often tries of the nectar of love. It is not tragic for her that some of the male partners fall by the wayside. Weak men do not suit her imagination of an inspiring love affair, anyway. She wants a real man. When she has found her hero she will not let him go anymore.

Of course, she wants to play a dominant role in the partnership. As a typical daughter of Mars she will not avoid any quarrels to assert herself. But deep inside there are two souls: the female, sensual and devoted and also the male, sexual with lust for conquer. She wants to be conquered every day but also plays this game vice-versa. She is faithful and a passionate lover. But when she is cheated on then it is over - she will get a divorce. Indeed, she belongs to a male sign of the zodiac but deep inside she is a delicate character, easy to hurt and easily offended. The strident Aries lady has a big assertiveness in her job. She shows the men how to lead. A lot of women in management, politics and companies are born in the sign of Aries. She will also be a dutiful employee but she has to have a field of work where she can work independently. An Aries woman will not accept a subordinate role.