The Aries child

The life of Aries is determined by the active and combative Mars. Bold and ready to take risks, as Aries born people are, it will not avoid and adventure and or confrontation. A real Aries is hell-bent on getting its own way. It will always be the first and always looking for competition to prove that it is the best.

Already at a young age the Mars child develops a strong will. It cannot take restriction or paternalism. If the little Aries cannot enforce something it will be heard everywhere. Some families had difficulties with their neighborhood because of this. A good advice: If you do not get far with kindness with your child: chose a soundproof room in your flat as children`s room and let it scream and clamor there.

You have to accept that an Aries child is wild and boisterous. It starts quite early to climb the highest trees in the neighbor`s garden. Unfortunately, it is quite clumsy about it. Already at a very young age it has a lot of bruises. But the little Aries is not dumb and thinks: If you burn your finger once in the cooking chocolate you will not put your hands in something hot again.

At school there should not be much trouble but Aries children tend to leave their homework. Patience is not their strength. Therefore, they start a lot of things with ambition, are as keen as mustard, but do not finish most of the things. The best method to keep a little Aries in line: to praise it again and again. Then it will even do its homework. Like the weather in April the children are quite volatile: Sometimes they live for the day and are happy and then they are depressed. But in general all Aries children are friendly and amiable characters who need a strong hand and a consequent education.