Aries as boss or colleague

As the first amongst the signs of the zodiac Aries always symbolizes a start. This power of the restart the Aries acts out without any consideration: He is not only known to be stubborn but can also pursue a goal stone-cold and highly aggressive. Thus, people who are born in the sign of Aries feel best where there is a competition. They do not avoid any confrontation and present themselves as doers who have no regard for loss. They can live this tendency as top athletes as well as lawyers. All this would not really make the Aries an amiable person but he also has an innocent, almost childlike side.

Their energy and dynamic will get them to the executive floor very often. They do not only know how to plan but also how to get projects done and other intentions. As ideal manager they are not only bare-knuckle business-people but also secure the existence of their company and thus the jobs of their employees. Aries devote to the conception of projects while they are bored by the details of the implementation. They do not like to engage with these and always try to delegate it.

As their pace of work is impressive they also expect the same pace from your employees - without any mistakes! As colleagues Aries born are act typical: Their ambition and their work mania make them very popular with their superiors. Amongst colleagues Aries are not that popular because their aggressive competitiveness does not allow any fellowship or even friendship. Aries born mostly stay lone wolfs in larger companies. They prefer to concentrate on their career than on potential similarities with colleagues.