The Aquarius Woman

Aquarius is the sign of eternal youth, which is one reason that many Aquarius women look incredibly young, even as they age. This is stressed by their wonderful style. Even in their later years, they have a predilection for extravagant clothes, crazy hairdos, and remarkable jewelry. They like to show the world that they are something special.

Aquarius women have a lot of heart, but they hold back their deeper feelings. Often, the character of this child of Uranus has two different sides: one of sensual devotion, and one of cold refusal. Madame Aquarius is quite unpredictable, meaning that her variety of moods will keep you guessing. She’s on board for every adventure, but halfway through, she’ll change her mind and decide to act responsibly. Deep inside, she’s a funny and adorable person, who has but one flaw: she tends to be a bit bossy. Still, this pairs well with another of her characteristic traits: she has an excellent sense of humor and can laugh at herself easily—she can laugh at herself, but she doesn’t particularly like it when others make fun of her.

The Aquarius woman sets high standards for both herself and her lover. The search for the ideal partner sometimes sees her flitting from lover to the next, and in this pursuit, she prefers to take on the role of conqueror. This means that she sometimes unjustly earns a reputation as a man-eater. In relationships, she is not one to take on all of the domestic tasks at home. She places a lot of value on equality – whether at work, in her downtime, or in her love life. To get to where she wants to be, she is not afraid to use her female weapons unscrupulously. The Aquarius woman has a strongly developed sense of beauty and a lively imagination. Creative jobs would suit her well, but she is able to prove herself in anything she puts her mind to as long as she keeps her freedom. She will not let herself be subordinated.