The Aquarius Man

The men of this sign are intelligent and educated, but they mainly use their knowledge to substantiate their oppositional worldviews. They despise conventions and don’t mind being outsiders. This is evident not only in their unusual clothes, but also in the way their homes are often extravagantly furnished. "Being different" is their purpose in life. At the same time, they’re exceptionally friendly, especially to women.

The Aquarius man believes that he can win everyone’s heart, and he’ll put this talent to the test again and again. In this way, he collects amorous experiences like others collect stamps. In general, he won’t let his feelings show until he believes that he’s found the One. The woman by his side should share his beliefs, and be educated and eloquent. It’s important to him that there always be enough to talk about in marriage. He needs a partner who always has time for him. The partners of Aquarius men often end up staying at home in order to dedicate themselves fully to the household and the family.

Male Aquarians don’t have many worries at work. Thanks to their intellectual flexibility and their ingenuity, they’ll always find a way to earn a living, performing exceptionally well in almost any profession, whether it’s a technical job or something more artistic. Their objectivity and vast expertise will benefit any company. Still, it’s not unheard of for an Aquarius man to not show up at work for days because he’s chasing some phantom or has to cure a phantom illness. His quick mind and knowledge of human nature make him an ideal boss; however, his ever-changing goals can cause confusion and create upheaval. He’s the ideal candidate to be his own boss because he works best when he is completely on his own.