The Aquarius Child

A little Aquarius is something very special. Even as a toddler, they develop their own personal style, and will come up with one crazy idea after another. They will try to attract attention at any cost. The Aquarius child would wear its hoodie inside out, just to be different from the other children. The parents of an Aquarius child will notice soon enough that their offspring is a decided original, whose energy turns “family order” inside out. They have a humanitarian – but also very extravagant – way of thinking. They are friendly and helpful, but also totally unpredictable. Their urge to be independent is so strong that they will hardly ever take a piece of well-meant advice. They want to accomplish everything on their own, and most of the time, they’re able. But when it comes to orders, they react with stubbornness or not at all. Only good arguments are able to convince them that their way is not the best way. After all, Aquarius children are highly intelligent.

The Aquarius child also loves to play crazy pranks. Because they are curious about life, they are constantly exploring their environment. They’re always looking for new experiences, which are not always harmless, of course. No matter how high the tree in the neighbor’s yard, Aquarius children will be particularly tempted by the promise of forbidden fruit. Their parents don’t get a moment’s rest; to protect them they have to be constantly vigilant. Parents’ best bet is to let them play as much sport as possible, whether or a team, or just at the playground, so that they can burn off their excess energy. It’s no easy task to tame this little contradiction. Since Aquarius children are very curious, they typically make interested and bright student. They are popular at school because they speak up for their classmates if they think anyone is being treated unjustly.