The Aquarius Boss or Colleague

People born under Aquarius are considered to be the most rebellious of all the signs of the zodiac. Rules and conventions are considered optional by Aquarians. If it has even a whiff of the bourgeois, they’re not interested. Of course, this is evident in their choice of job: they are simply not made for a desk job. They’re freethinkers—they need the freedom to give rein to their creativity. Therefore, many Aquarians end up working as artists or freelancers. If they are employed by a bigger organization, it’s often not difficult to identify the Aquarians in the workplace. They’re usually the ones with unusual hairdos and eccentric style, both of which they use to make an impression on others. Their style tends to appeal to both sexes, so Aquarius-born delight in having many fans and admirers, whether romantic or otherwise.

Generally, Aquarians are quite controversial: one either admires them or despises them. Their unconventional way of doing things does not make the Aquarius a natural leader. Rather, they seldom even want to be the boss because that role is the ultimate “square” in their minds. If an Aquarius does end up as a boss, however; in their own company, for example, they are likely to have an unusual management style. They prefer unusual forms of organization, and they'll lead their businesses more as a circle of friends than as an enterprise. In this way, they create a pleasant work environment in which creativity can blossom. In general, the Aquarius boss appreciates creativity more than diligence or discipline – the act of creating means much more to them than profit. In this way, they make generous bosses, who also likes to invite their colleagues to lunch or on weekend getaways in order to show their appreciation and to support a harmonious dynamic.